The Gates, Project for Central Park

Installing Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "The Gates, Project for Central Park" was an amazing couple weeks of teamwork, inquisitive strangers, romance, and education in Central Park.


One day, seeing me sitting alone at lunch, Christo insisted I join him, Jeanne-Claude, and Albert Maizels at their table. We talked about art and rock & roll and documentaries and Nantucket. I had tons of questions for them but they kept asking about me. They loved that I was an artist and wanted to know all about what I was working on and said that the fact that I, a fellow artsit, took time to come to help them out was the best complimet they could ever get - and it was my birthday week no less.


At the opening ceremonies I heard Jeanne-Claude tell a reporter, "They mean nothing. Someday day you will be able to say, 'There were once Gates in Central Park.'" Her staement made me take in the moment yet be excited for my future nostalgia at the same time - my first true understanding of temporary environmental art.


Since then I have sat in Central Park where I installed The Gates and thought about Jeanne-Claude and how right she was. Although it is now gone it is a project and experience that remains for me.


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